Target Your Nemesis

Win the Social Media War by Targeting your Nemesis for Clarity

Its easy to create snarky memes and comments that make you feel good. They will sometimes motivate people already considering your opinion or sway people in the middle. But, be warned, you may win the battle by making it impossible to win the war. New writers are told to think about their audience so they can write in such a way to be understood by them. I claim that when trying to persuade others to change their mind it is important to communicate as if you are persuading the ones furthest from your belief. People in a line Imagine all the people in the world on a line. The further to the left on the line the more they agree with you. The further to the right the less they agree with you and in the middle they are undecided.

You Won the Battle

You pick out an easy target just to the left of center. They are leaning toward your side and you want them to participate in your cause. You create a compelling video that uses humor at the expense of the opposition that will catch the attention of your target and attract them.  Good, you won them over and they agree with you. Congratulations. Your new follower does what you hoped for and shares your post. Some of their followers are undecided and they start to join your cause. The more the merrier.

Your Lost the War

Some of viewers of your new follower’s post were leaning towards the opposition. When they see the video they see how you glossed over some details. They can immediate dismiss your post. But, the sarcasm feels to them like elitism. They feel you are attacking them personally. They start seeing people with your beliefs as snobby and deluded so they join the cause of your opponent. Your net result is dividing the group further. In order for unity to happen we not only need to bring clarity to the facts but now it is harder for the other side to even listen to our facts due to the animosity that you inadvertently spread. You lost the war. Everyone looses.

How to Win the War

If instead of aiming for the easy middle you take the extra difficult shot to persuade the person furthest from you the results will be different. If done correctly, it will still persuade some of the people in the middle to your side. It may not be as frequently shared or effective in the short term but it also does not add to the division and the breakdown of communication between the two sides. I would love to hear what you think about this idea. Target me with your opinion.

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